(organizing, organizes)

arrange, systematize, coordinate, classify, combine, get together, line up,
put in order, group, construct, regulate,
set-up, harmonize, range

Conceptual Visual Merchandising
What does this actually mean?
That’s quite easy: in an era in which nobody has any time anymore, Conceptual Visual Merchandising is essential.
Because a product that is not visible will simply not be sold.
Consumers need to be triggered.

Conceptual Visual Merchandising ensures the visibility of a product.
To achieve this it is essential to create tension in the presentation.
While at the same time, a certain calm needs to be maintained.

My expertise includes guarding the concept.
I work as a freelance Conceptual Visual Merchandiser for international brands.
Every season our partnership starts with the development of the look book.
Along with the marketing department I create the themes of the collection.
The starting-point to this?
The collection must shine and needs to be vibrant.
This of course all starts at the very base.

In collaboration with the design department products are brought together into sets and arranged into colour groups.
Then they are grouped according to quality, shape, type of fabric and design.
The goal of all this is to create a clear overview for consumers.
This conceptual phase is then translated into Visual Merchandising Manuals,
in order to make the collections and accessories come to life on the shop floor.
The themes are incorporated in the collections, showroom presentations,
tutorials and trainings in the field of Visual Merchandising.

I also advise in the area of ​​presentation concepts and guidelines.
I give input for the development of the shop interior and exhibition stands.
 I supervise the Visual Merchandising on an international scale.